TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The actuality of the relevance of Eminescu’s vision on education
Through his encyclopedic training doubled by a rare clairvoyance and inspiration, all of which are firmly rooted in his self-sacrificing love for the nation and the country, Mihai Eminescu left deep traces wherever he went. He showed an exceptional consciousness, a deep respect for work and value but also for discipline, professional training, inspiration, vision. In less than a year, while he worked as a school inspector, Eminescu drew up over 400 reports, addresses, notices, orders to teaching staff, recommendations regarding qualifications, textbooks, methods, practical applications, the material situation of students, physical condition of schools, all of which were sent either to the ministry or to local administrators and teachers. Eminescu proved to be a good observer of the educational phenomenon not only in the country but also in Europe in general.