TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Rev. Prof. Dr. Vasile Sava – A faithful Collaborator of Bishops Nicolae Ivan and Nicolae Colan
Little is known about the personality, activity and work of the priest and professor of Canon Law Vasile Sava in the current theological and historiographical research, despite his immense contribution to the newly established diocese of Cluj after the First World War. Vasile Sava should be known as a great man of the Church for his involvement and development of the ecclesial administration of the Eparchy of Cluj, his responsibility regarding the construction of the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj, his Canon Law lectures for young students at the Theological Academy of Cluj, and for his entire academic work. Therefore, the present research is dedicated to Vasile Sava and his contribution to the development of church life and the mission of the Orthodox Eparchy of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, as a commemorative article to celebrate his life and work.