TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Ariel – a spirit
The present article evokes the personality of Florian Pittiș, a great Romanian actor. Florian Pittiș always had a kind of primary childhood within him. A seriousness of categorical candor, which sometimes led him to fanaticism. He used to say that all his life he wanted to be a hippie and saying that was not just a bravado, but rather an assumed philosophy of life, with a thorough bibliography and many shelves with hundreds of read books. The flower power movement, to which Moțu' devoted himself with all his being, represented a sum of at least four or five crystallized elements from the life of American youth after the Second World War: the passionate opposition to the Vietnam War, the return to the original models of life, the priority given to nature and the natural ("flower power") in opposition to the American materialist modernity, to which he added on one hand a strong influence of some oriental spiritual philosophical currents in contradiction with the Christian spirituality, twinned with yoga practices, and on the other hand, a kind of religious mysticism fueled by so-called light drugs. Florian Pittiș produced some extraordinary roles, unexpected by their deep originality, a sign of his maturity but also of an extraordinary inner strength. He was a kind of guru for a generation that did not have access to information and at the same time through his poetry and music performances he offered young people quality texts, Romanian and universal poetry accompanied by comments and famous guests.