TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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In memoriam – Mihail Diaconescu, man of culture and religious writer
The son of a priest from the village of Priboieni-Argeș, Mihail Diaconescu was one of the writers with a great love for the church and very close to our old religious culture. His work, like his life, contains numerous confirmations of this, being preoccupied with carrying on the traditional culture of our people, which he particularly appreciated. He left us unexpectedly, passing away on March 25 a.c., being buried in the land of his parents in Argeș, in those sub- Carpathian lands that he was so fond of. He was one of the writers who saw in the Church and in Orthodoxy the way to fulfillment and salvation, preaching the values of our past and present Church, giving lectures and speeches on our churches and monasteries, which he considered living places of intense spiritual life, forms of a millennial civilization. Some of his books of documentary investigations testify to this existence in faith, as proved by the titles Orthodox Churches and Monasteries (1988), History and Values (1994), Lectures on the Aesthetics of Orthodoxy, I-II (1996), Lainici Monastery, History of Daco-Roman literature.