TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Divine Promises – General Presentation (The Protoevangelium and Noah's Covenant)
The promise is a central element in shaping the relationship between God and man throughout the Old Testament. The remarkable figures, those who are reiterated in the history of the salvation of the world, are those who have had contact with the promises of the Lord or with the covenant which, in various forms and manifestations, God has presented to man. A promise involves a choice. The choice involves justice, and this is obvious in the Noah's case (Gen 6:9). The present study considers the first references brought by the Old Testament pages regarding the promise. In the exegetical analysis, this theme of promise has become increasingly addressed in order to outline the principle of biblical restructuring of the primordial state degraded by the fall of the forefathers. Moreover, as can be seen in those presented in the study, the need to approach God and resume a primordial communion is the one that, throughout the history of Israel, uses the theme of promise, either by presenting promises (Gen 3,15; 6,18; 12,1-3), or by repeating them. The theme of the promise creates the whole corpus of God's approaches of man, and for this reason, regarding the expected course of Israel, man was not in isolation, but in communion, as much as he wanted to be a part of it.