TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Our Protector, the Mother of God. Procession of Blachernitissa icon, in the Byzantine, Slavic and Moldavian space
This study examines some icons of the Theotokos Oranta (Blachernitissa), recognized as one of the most respected icons by the Byzantines and other Orthodox peoples, POKROV, prevalent icon in the Slav space, and the scene of the Siege of Constantinople in the acatist hymn of medieval Moldova. These icons have great theological and historical significance. The article discusses the role of Mariological worship and iconography had in the three spaces Christian, Byzantine, Russian and Moldovan, in a certain historical context. The text highlights the idea that worshiping Mary was more pronounced during turning points for the peoples of the Christian East, while facing the Arab, Persian, Mongol and Turkish danger. These nations perceived the Virgin Oranta as an intercessor to God, her icon being often carried in processions through the Christian besieged cities.