TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Theology of non-Christian religions – Eastern approach. Father Andrei Scrima’s hermeneutics
Among everything that Romanian Orthodoxy has best to offer, no person has a greater personal experience, nor a finesse of hermeneutics concerning other religious traditions better than Father Andrei Scrima. Throughout Father Andrei’s writings we distinguish those who show an explicit reflection of other religious traditions (non-Christian). There is a reason of substantiation for which we include in this essay a text from the small ecumenism category: it is the great theme of unity in diversity (I Cor 12:13): be it the Christian tradition of the Roman Catholic Church or other religious traditions (where differences are certainly more numerous), Father Andrei Scrima’s attitude is to start with common elements and proceed with discernment to differentiate. The basis of unity, deepened in the text we are talking about, can be seen as the basis of unity with the non-Christian humanity.