TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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„Between God and my Nation...!”
The current article presents and debates the importance and role of the Church in maintaining the national identity based on a series of aphorisms written by Petre Ţuţea. Due to the fact that God is the balance of the world, the Church bears this role within the community and the society in order to guard us from the attacks that tend to arise from an increasing number of directions. The present day and future generations must be aware of the fact that our identity is that of Romanians and Christians, without being able to omit any of these terms. From the Church we find out who and what we are as a nation, but also as individuals because the Church offers us the perspective of Heaven and we discover that each of us is responsible towards the Church and the nation as members of the imperial priesthood. Through our likeness to God we can find our purpose and the importance of our existence on Earth. The Church is once more the one to facilitate the answers to these questions by placing us in front of a mirror in which we compare ourselves to God and remember that each of us is a unique and non-recurring person for whom Jesus Christ crucified Himself, and that we are God’s sons. The history of our Romanian nation can be perfectly overlapped over the history of the Church, without which our history books would not have any contents. History shows us that the Rulers of our Romanian nation fought for keeping the ancestral faith and therefore the freedom we received from God. Between God and my Nation there is none other than me, by being Roma- nian and baptized as Christian, my body and soul have an identity; losing the connection with the Church, this identity is broken and hence the nation dies.