TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Faith, Morality and Education in “Comfort The People – Religious Speeches” by Ioan Lupaş
In the study Faith, Morality and Education in “Comfort the People – Religious Speeches” by Ioan Lupaș, the author points out a less studied aspect in the work of the mentioned historian and academician, namely his activity as clergyman and minister of the Romanian Orthodox Church (priest and dean in Săliştea Sibiului between 1909-1919). The author of this study identified, in the above-mentioned work, topics of doctrine, moral and Christian education, subjects that Ioan Lupaş addressed in his sermons; it is possible to notice his clerical vocation, his thorough theological training, doubled by the cultural one, all intertwined in a masterly oratory language. His outstanding activity on historical-cultural and clerical-educational levels has its well-deserved place among the outstanding personalities of the Romanian Orthodox Church.