TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Ioan Lupaş – Founder and Co-Director at the National History Institute of Cluj (1920 - 1945)
The Institute of National History in Cluj is the work of professor Ioan Lupas (1880-1967). In the autumn of 1919, Ioan Lupaș was called as a history professor at the new University of Cluj, thus recognizing his undeniable contributions to the reconstruction of Transylvania’s past. Observing that the history of the Transylvanian Romanians had been little treated in the past, only by the teachers of Blaj and Sibiu schools, Professor Ioan Lupaș, at that time a member of the Romanian Academy, drew up the project to establish an institute to study national history and especially the past of the Romanian inter-Carpathian province. Ioan Lupaş becomes, together with Alexandru Lapedatu, a member of the Romanian Academy and also a professor at the new University of Cluj since the autumn of 1919, founder and co-director at the National History Institute, where he actually takes upon him the Institute’s leadership and establishes its own periodical, “The Yearbook of the National History Institute”. It was the first institute in our country specialized on historical researches, fiercely affirmed in the field of Romanian interwar historiography. During the 25 years of his direction – 1920-1945 – 10 volumes appeared in the “Yearbook”, its pages showing the activity of the Institute’s members, the main results of their scientific researches.