TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Ioan Lupaş and Transylvania
Ioan Lupas was not only a priest and archpriest of Sălişte, not only a great historian, not only a great professor and academician, not only an important fighter for the Romanian national cause and a participant at the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia on 1 December 1918 , not only a politician and a minister, but also an institution founder. Such as the Institute of National History from Cluj, created in 1919, where he has been co-director for about two decades. Starting from the old tradition, from the ancestors and from the sources, but also from his own laborious knowledge, the historian Ioan Lupaş, together with some notable contemporaries (Alexandru Lapedatu, Silviu Dragomir, Ioan Moga, David Prodan, Francisc Pall) molded the Romanian vision about Transylvanian Middle Ages.