TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Father Stăniloae’s Philocalia at 70 years since the book was published. Holiness and courage
The present article refers to the issue, in 1947, of the first volume of the Romanian edition of Philocalia. After a small first edition, published in 1946, with very few copies, the first volume of Father Stăniloae’s Philocalia appeared a year later, in 1947, in a larger print, immediately sold out. For this reason, Father Stăniloae considered the year 1947 as the beginning of printing Philocalia. To initiate a series of translations from the Holy Fathers in those times when Bolshevik terror became the black reality of Romania, was an act of exceptional courage. But this is essential. The translations were meant as a genuine spiritual program.