TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Main Coordinates of the Mission of Jesus Christ reflected in the Baptism of Jordan
The mission of the Church has its foundation in the Holy Trinity, in the sending of the Son and the Holy Spirit into the world by the Father to comprise the whole creation in the communion of the perfect and eternal love that is among the Trinitarian Persons. The mission is part of the everlasting Mystery of God’s oikonomy revealed by Jesus Christ, the Son of God incarnate and by the Holy Spirit. The great events of oikonomy are at the same time ways of fulfilling the mission of the Persons sent by the Father. Such a redemptive event is the Baptism of Jesus in Jordan as the beginning of His public work, which indicates the main coordinates of His mission. The Baptism in Jordan may even be considered a programmatic event for the mission of Jesus Christ. Mission that will include the revelation of the Holy Trinity, as target and meaning of existence, salvation of man, sanctification of creation, and establishment of Christian baptism, a mission that will culminate in the Sacrifice and Resurrection compared by Jesus with His baptism, a mission that will become permanent within the Church.