TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Byzantine chronicler Nicetas Choniates – eyewitness of the conquest of Constantinople by the Western crusaders at 1204
Nicetas Choniates was a great dignitary at the Imperial Court in Constantinople and Niceea. We owe him many religious and lay works. From the Fourth Crusade’s perspective, his main work is the History which narrates the history of Byzantium between 1118-1206. He writes down his own experiences as an eyewitness of the Fourth Crusade. The History of Choniates shows the scandalous behavior of the western nights in Constantinople. The work of Nicetas Choniates represents an important source for the Romanian history as well because the Byzantine historian presents in his chronicle important information regarding the uprising from Asăneşti and the foundation of the Romanian-Bulgarian Empire, underlining the major role played by the Wallachians in the unfolding of these events. Alongside the Western chronicle of Villehardouin and Clari, Nicetas Choniates’ work Historia remains one of the most important sources for the Fourth Crusade, but at the same time it remains the most important source for the history of the Balcanic Wallachians of that time.