TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Votive paintings of high dignitaries from Moldova (15th-16th centuries)
This study analyzes some of the votive paintings of Moldovan high dignitaries from the 15th-16th centuries: the logothetes Şendrea, Ioan Tăutu, the hatman Luca Arbore – along with the portraits of logothete Teodor Bubuiog, hatman Daniil, and treasurer Gavriil Totuşan. Their votive paintings reflect social, political, biographical and religious aspects. They also have a great documentary value. As partners, the Moldavian boyars of those times, similar to those of Wallachia, displayed their personal aspirations and ideals in the paintings of their foundations - in the votive paintings, as well as in some themes from the iconographic program.