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Robert de Clari - the Picard knight involved in the development and description of the Fourth Crusade
The chronicle of Robert de Clari entitled La Conquête de Constantinople describes the events of the Fourth Crusade, beginning with some brief information on preaching the crusade and the treaty signing between the Venetians and the crusader knights. It brings many interesting new details which bring us a clearer overview of the crusade. From Robert de Clari’s point of view, the conquest of Constantinople was justified because the Byzantines were God’s enemies. From Robert de Clari’s work one may notice the spirit of the ordinary crusader, we see the events of the Fourth Crusade through the crusaders’ eyes, who were in the middle of the hostilities. From Robert de Clari’s chronicle we learn precious information about the Wallachians in the Balcans, who were knight Picard adversaries on the battle field.