TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The apter peregrine or how the light is woven from the wing beat
The paper aims to analyze the main cultural coordinates of the volume “The memories of the apter peregrine” by Valeriu (Bartolomeu) Anania. The myth as a major cultural element, involving historical time, symbol and social element, is the concept around which lies the narrative plot of the twelve stories with different subjects, but united by the same narrative consciousness of the pilgrim and the same spiritual paradigm of the Romanian space: the monastery or its surroundings. The myth, as a starting point for all the analyzed texts, converts either into recovering the affective memory through a subtle anamnesis process, or into recovering a historical memory that is materialized by updating episodes related to the evoked events. A simple reading of the text reveals an extended hypostasis of the idea of myth or more precisely of saga.