TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Great Union and its consequences in the work of Patriarch Miron Cristea
In this study: The Great Union and its consequences to Patriarch Miron Cristea, the author reviewed the actions of the Romanian politicians and people of culture, for the achievement of the Union from 1 December 1918. At the same time, he emphasized the involvement of the Romanian clergy, Orthodox and Greek-Catholic, for justice, liberation and Romanian unity. Among the leading hierarchs of the Romanian Orthodox Church who fought for the unity of all Romanians was the future patriarch Miron Cristea. Through his word and his writing he showed that only unity can lead Romanians to achieve their ideals of centuries: independence, progress, civilization and prestige in Europe and in the whole world. Even after the Great Union, during several important meetings, Patriarch Miron Cristea emphasized the benefits that the union had already brought to the Romanian people.