TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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In Teodor Botiş’ works, the color is wearing, ritually, the body of time wounded by the dream
This essay is inspired by an exhibition of Teodor Botiş, a plastic artist from Cluj, which took place on the evening of September 27, 2018, at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca. From one image to the other in the chromatic universe of Teodor Botiş, everything is radiating something timeless, mythical and oniric. Taking on an idea of Nichita Stănescu, Teodor Botiş’ Patria is the color, the wonder, the poetry and the longing, the patience and the trust in salvation in the language and art and the dream of the Nation. Teodor Botiş is a singular eminence in art, imagining and interfering with two worlds - a sublime, pure and golden one, breathing such godliness, and another, with an innocent wonder, still trying to escape resignation and being saved by beauty.