TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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General Berthelot’s visit to Sălişte in January 2, 1919
The article evokes the visit of the French general Berthelot to Sălişte on January 2 1919. The purpose of General Berthelot’s visit was together information about the realities of the territories united with the country by the decision of the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia on December 1 1918 and to reaffirm France’s support for its ally from the East. The fact that he put Sălişte on the official agenda of his visit in Transylvania was not a coincidence. Onisifor Ghibu and Ioan Lupaş from Sălişte were also from the Religion and Public Instruction Resort, led by Vasile Goldiş. We find reports of General Henri-Mathias Berthelot’s visit in the press of the time.