TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The path of thought and spirituality of Father Stăniloae
Born in a family of Transylvanian peasants, Father Stăniloae has been in contact with the spirit of Orthodoxy since childhood, that is, with the pure and sincere faith of the Romanian peasant. Coming in contact during his years of study with a scholastic theology full of ideas and concepts that try to explain God through definitions, Father Stăniloae realizes that scholastic theology, instead of bringing God closer to the hearts of men, it alienates them further away. Therefore, carefully reading the writings of the holy fathers, especially those of saint Gregory Palama and Saint Maxim the Confessor, Father Stăniloae strives to connect the meaning of the Church dogmas to the inner life of man; he focuses on the authentic expression of a living Orthodoxy, based on the Revelation, as it was preserved and taught by the Holy Fathers. Father Stăniloae reevaluates the orthodox dogmatic theology, bringing back its patristic dimension.