TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The lost paradise of innocence from a white page
The text is an evocation of actress Ileana Predescu. The joy and genius of her game, the talent to find the motives of happiness even when you are overwhelmed with pain, her laughter, the warmth of her voice and her eyes, make the whole world seem like a thimble in front of the open doors of her soul. Someone said once that not only none of the definitions of the artist were fit for her, but not even the definition of the human being. Young people in the theater worshiped her not only for her availability at any of the mischiefs that came to our mind, but also for the infinite charm of her giddiness, her perpetual poetry that has often made her the protagonist of all kinds of funny happenings. Lately, she has begun to play in movies. The film had found her late. She left some amazing sequences. For example, the way Ileana Predescu closed a door from inside, looking outside without a sound, in Tudor Mărăscu’s Trust (Încrederea), can always enter the golden sequences of universal cinema as testimony of the dazzling genius planted by God in a human being.