TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Gala Galaction: a case of consciousness
The present text evokes the great and conscience-shaping writer Gala Galaction and his dramatic case of conscience, facing a regime that he loathed and which he eventually joins, not out of conviction but of conformism and under compulsion. Gala Galaction’s struggles of conscience of would probably have never been known if the recent editions of the Journal would not have reintroduced the passages removed by communist censorship, but especially if the pages of the 1947-1952 Journal were not discovered and published. After adhering to the new regime, Gala Galaction realizes that the ideals of social justice he once believed in are no longer in its ideology. He sees himself walking “in the counsel of the unbelievers,” “in the way of sinners,” siting “on the throne of the blasphemers.”