TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Apologetic Incursions in the History of Romanian Spirituality. Arguments of a dialogue between faith, philosophy and culture
Our short research aims at highlighting some of the most important aspects of defining the concept of “Romanian philosophy”. In this sense we see a concrete identifycation of the most important artisans of the “Romanian spirit”. The oldest of them, the great philosopher Aeticus Histricus, is revealed as a true promoter and synthesizer of the “ sciences of the soul“. From him, an interesting “Cosmology” has been preserved, which the great scholar Metropolitan Nestor Vornicescu speaks of in great detail. Further on, following the philosophy of Constantin Noica’s thinking, we try to discover the profoundly authentic value of the three personified axiological guiding marks of thinking about the “Romanian soul”: Neagoe Basarab, Dimitrie Cantemir and Lucian Blaga. The last one, together with his philosophical system, represents, in fact, the largest part of our analysis. But before Blaga, we approached the generous theme of Eminescu’s poetry, especially following Christian and moral religious ideas. The last part of the research is an apologetic analysis of the famous Stăniloae-Blaga dispute over “Religion and Spirit”.