TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Embodied Persons, Male and Female. Thoughts on the Body and Personal identity
In the present article, the author offers an answer from a Christian perspective to the current and global issues of gender identity and also to those who support gender theory. For the author, the biological complementarity of male and female is a strong and undisputed truth that our identity as male and female is always related to our sexual biological body. As he argues in the text, it is hard for each of us to think of our fathers or mothers without taking into account their biological body. The fact that conceiving a child always implies two persons of opposite sex is also an obvious argument that the human identity as male and female is related to the biological body. In fact, this truth is in accordance with the Christian anthropological teachings about the human beings created as embodied persons males and females (Gen. 1:27). In His turn, Jesus Christ also cited the creation of male and female in speaking about marriage (Mt. 19:4). The salvation brought to us by Christ means, according to Fr. Ph. LeMasters, „the fulfillment of our identity and vocation as those created male and female in God’s image and likeness”. Regarding those who struggle with gender identity issues, the author considers that we must show compassion towards them, but without encouraging them to adopt self- definitions that ignore the physical dimension of human personhood.