TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Inaugural Speech of at the World Children’s Day Celebration Event (Geneva, Ecumenical Center, 21 November 2018)
Patriarch of Bartholomew of Constantinople; World Children’s Day; Ecumenical Center in Geneva; protection of children; children and technology; children and immigration; children and climate change; Summary/Abstract: In today’s world, children are abused or threatened - sometimes even in communities within the Church. Protecting children against all kinds of violence has always been and should remain an essential message of Christianity. Therefore, Christians are called to protect children both in society and in their own communities. We are now faced with many other challenges that affect children. Impressive developments in the technology and communication sectors are a serious threat to childhood dignity, the computer and the Internet dominating every aspect of individual and social life. In addition to these growing problems, we also face other issues that are intrinsically linked to globalization and the consequences of technology, such as immigration and climate change, which greatly affect children.