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Some Thoughts on the 40th Anniversary of the Passing into Eternity of the Mystical Christian Poet Daniel Turcea
The article is an evocation of the poet Daniel Turcea on the 40th anniversary of his death. Metropolitan Bartolomeu had a lot of consideration for Daniel Turcea, considering him a man of God. The poet’s conversion is somewhat resembling that of Saul from Tarsus, turned to God on the road of Damascus. In the poet’s case, the conversion was on his way to Bucharest. That is why meeting the Father Confessor, in the person of Father Arsenie Papacioc, was essential for Daniel Turcea, together with all that resulted from these meetings: repentance, confession, tears, deep humility, obedience and anchoring in the Church. Everything he has created, beyond culture and literary current, beyond nation and generation, is and will remain a stumbling rock or a scandal for the spirit of the world and for the people of the world. His poems are iconic, pneumatic, closely related to authentic living, a living that only Daniil Sandu Tudor has described in verses.