TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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“Death of the Savior on the Cross – manifestation of God’s never ending love for man”
The death of the Savior on the cross is the manifestation of God’s never ending love for man and was part of God’s plan of saving the world and overcoming Satan. The death of the Savior had several purposes: the first purpose of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was to reconcile people with God; Secondly, by the defeat of the devil, the enrollment by which he held us in captivity was deleted; the third purpose of the Savior’s death on the cross was the restoration of the human fallen and altered by sin. The Savior was not obliged to die, therefore His death was not a consequence of sinfulness, but a purpose, and its consequence was the resurrection, which not only overcame death, but went beyond that. Through his resurrection, Christ does not return to a mortal life, to its current sufferings, to resume the pilgrimage of an old condition. Resurrection is not a return, but a passage beyond death, overcoming it.