TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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“Resurrection of Christ, restoration, renewal and enlightenment of the world”
The resurrection of the Lord is, by excellence, the Feast of Light, the Light of the Most Holy Trinity, brought to the world by Christ. The resurrection of the Lord was brighter than the lightning, and the light of his godhead blinded the darkness of hell, the devil, and the dark place where the souls of those who fell asleep were kept. Since the resurrection of Christ, the way to Heaven is lightened and mankind has the freedom to choose the Light or the darkness, Christ or his adversary - the hater of light and the lord of darkness. The year 2019 is proclaimed “The Homage Year of the Romanian Village in the Romanian Patriarchate”. With nostalgia and tearing eyes we remember the village and the church of our childhood, which remain as a sacred icon imprinted in our hearts as good Christians and Romanians.