TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Georges Florovsky - exponent of neo-patristic theology
The works of the Holy Fathers have always been a source of inspiration for all theologians due to the depth of patristic thinking that has debated and clarified the dogmatic problems the Church has faced over the centuries. The Holy Fathers have meet in the Ecumenical Councils and, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, have cleared and established the right teaching of the Orthodox Church. In fact, their writings are part of the sources of the Holy Tradition which, along with the Holy Scriptures, are preserving the Revelation of God. But the Church Fathers were not only people with good intellectual training but they were also spiritual men. For them, theology was not a talk about God but the living experience in the mysterious encounter with God in prayer. The influence of scholastic theology on Eastern theology has made necessary for some Eastern theologians to overcome the rigid frameworks of scholastic notions that tried to explain the teachings of the Church and rediscover the existential values of the Holy Fathers, which means living in Christ. This approach was the neopatristic current.