TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Patriarch Iustin Moisescu, biblist and professor of theology
Patriarch Iustin was preoccupied with the history and exegesis of the New Testament, which marked the first part of his teaching and writing activity. His passion for patristic, as well as, later, his work on the translations collection: Church Fathers and writers (PSB) come from the time of his studies in Athens (1930-1934 and 1936-1937), where he met and heard a plethora of theology teachers, which influenced, to a large extent, the orientation of Greek theology, and not only of it, because this new orientation, through those who studied in Greece, spread to other Orthodox countries. During his studies in Strasbourg he came to learn rich and precise information about the orientations of Western theology. Later, some of them will be the subjects of his first studies published in Romanian (1939-1955). The present article analyzes the most important studies of history and exegesis of the New Testament signed by Patriarch Iustin Moisescu.