TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The patriarch Nicodim Munteanu - translator, visionary and opponent of the „red sun that was invading Romania”
Educated in the Kiev Academy, following the advice of Metropolitan Iosif Naniescu and his conviction that „for Orthodoxy, Russian literature is true wealth, source of pure Orthodox creation and education”, Patriarch Nicodim Munteanu will prepare for this purpose and will be one of the most prolific translators from Russian. His works of translation reflect a vivid orientation towards the theology of creation, towards the theology of the liturgical time, of the prayers and of the history of personalities. As for the translation of the Bible, he was preoccupied about the idea of the illustrated edition, but also about the correctness of the translation. From the time of his theological formation he was very dedicated to the Church and to preserving its dignity. He was a man of peace, a man of study and translation, a founder, a fine and attentive observer of social developments, a defender of the Romanians’ faith and dignity, withdrawn and solitary, never hasty with his words, but firm and unrelenting, a spirit in the spirit of saint Paisius of Neamţ.