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Two of the five late patriarchs of Romania commemorated this year
In addition to the fact that the Holy Synod dedicated this year to the Romanian village, to the priests, teachers and diligent mayors, it also dedicated it to the Patriarchs Nicodim Munteanu and Iustin Moisescu. All our patriarchs were great, but in terms of scholarly involvement, the two were different. It is difficult to summarize the erudite activity of Patriarch Nicodemus, who translated much spiritual literature, mainly Russian but not only, and who paid special attention to the Holy Scripture. There are many urban and construction achievements of Patriarch Iustin, but, on the theological and cultural level, we cannot forget the great patristic collection entitled Church Fathers and Writers, meant to have 90 volumes, and the printing of the Holy Scriptures. The two Patriarchs, Nicodim Munteanu and Iustin Moisescu, gifted with a great theological culture, were shepherds in difficult times. We owe them a lot. They are role models of scholarship, patience and confession.