TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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„Today they mock and laugh at those interested in folklore... ”. Interwar lines about the drawbacks of a profession
After the founding of the Romanian Academy’s Folklore Archive in Cluj in 1930, Ion Muşlea begun an extensive research, developing fourteen folklore questionnaires on specific issues, six leaflets and a few guidebooks, for the use of a network of correspondents of the institution, teachers, priests, but also students from all over Greater Romania. The present study analyzes the thoughts of these rural intellectuals on their experience on the field, on the factors that guarantee/obstruct their success, on the intersubjective way of producing information on the folklore, on the reception of the profession of folklorist, starting from the way these reflections are formulated in the letters sent to the director of the Archive, between 1930-1948.