TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Biblical and Apocryphal Carols – Poetical Texts in the Sălaj-Codru Area –
Carols, like fairytales and spells, are oral creations that bring before the contemporary man the image of an ancient world whose roots go down far in prehistory. From there, passing through the lights and shadows of the millennia, new myths, rituals, customs, narrations and mythical characters, mentalities, attitudes and human experiences, visions about Universe, Time and Space, about the Human being seen in relation to the real and ideal world as well as to the very existence Here and Beyond are brought before us. The world depicted in the carols is a product of the imagination and shows the faith of the participants in the fulfillment of the wishes they have during this auspicious time of winter holidays The present article makes some observations on the carols repertoire in the areas of Sălaj and Codru. Most topics originate from the Bible and various apocryphal writings of Christian content.