TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Holy Sun, Holy Great Lord
Lucian Blaga included in his Anthology of popular poetry, a single incantation, about which George Ivaşcu, in the “bibliography of collections, anthologies, publications and other sources from which the pieces in the anthology were selected”, notes: “Popular incantation communicated by a student from the seminar of Philosophy of Culture, in 1939 ”. The importance given by Blaga to this text, which he considers to be “a hen with golden chickens under the riprap of a beck”, as well as its rarity in folklore collections, justifies a special research. For this purpose we have made a small corpus of seven texts, count starting with the one anthologized by Blaga. The texts we studied in this article shows that the same images and even the same lyrics appear in different regions, apart from each other, of the Romanian language: we have the same images in the north of the country (Maramureş, Bucovina), as in the south-west of the country (Oltenia). It is plausible that a special field research related to this text would have registered similar variants in other regions of the country, which would have been yet another proof of the perfect spiritual unity of the Romanians, as are other species of our folklore too.