´╗┐ TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Bishop Nicolae Ivan, refounder of Cluj Diocese, born in the traditional Tran- sylvanian village and become the father of the Transylvanian Metropolis
This year was declared by the Holy Synod as an anniversary year of the Romanian village, priests and good mayors. Moreover, it is the commemorative year of patriarchs Nicodim Munteanu, Iustin Moisescu and of church books translators. We, the people of Cluj, can not forget that in 1919, Bishop Nicolae Ivan, the providential man for this area, came to Cluj. He was born in the countryside, in the village of Aciliu, in the county of Sibiu, from God-fearing parents. He grew up in the village, educated by his parents, godly people, and the strong traditions of Transylvania. As a metropolitan, he took care of the Romanian village, but also gave a spiritual direction to the metropolis of Tran- sylvania, the city of Cluj. He was an outstanding man and he was involved in the urbanistic and institutional founding of the Romanian Cluj. He cared not only for the spiritual life of the city, but also for its university and its economic life.