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Opportunity as a gift

DAN CIACHIR, Opportunity as a gift
The article evokes the musician Iosif Sava and one of his TV shows in which the author was a guest.
Many famous people used to be invited to that show: from academicians to well-known surgeons,
composers, fi lm directors etc. The show gained an extraordinary prestige also because it never had
even the slightest amount of propaganda or politics. Iosif Sava was not only the forerunner of the
talk show, so common today in Romania, but he also had the most occidental technique. Iosif Sava
was the founder of Romanian talk show. This primacy does not outshine his peerless role, being
able, for two decades under dictatorship and avoiding any political connotation, to make nationwide
musical catechesis, symphonic masterpiece level only.
Keywords: Iosif Sava, „Musical Soiree”, Romanian Radio and Television, musical culture, communist