TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Religious Radiophonic Conferences (Gala Galaction)

CONSTANTIN CUBLEŞAN, Religious Radiophonic Conferences (Gala Galaction)
One of the most representative Romanian writers of the interwar period, Gala Galaction, who had a
religious background, held at Radio România from 1928 to 1958, with some interruptions, a series
of conferences on themes related to religious education, some of which have been lost due to certain
dramatic periods in the contemporary history of the country, while, from those that have been kept
in the institution’s archive, some have been selected and published in a wholly remarkable volume.
The fi rst section of the volume entails those that discuss strictly religious themes and momentums
(The Birth of Christ, The Resurrection, The Annunciation, et al.); the second one includes evocations
of holy places and Romanian monasteries the author visited; while the third part is an anthology of
some evocations written by important Romanian writers. In its entirety, the volume is proof of real
spiritual elevation, the literary discourse implying theological ideas in a larger ensemble of ideas that
are benefi c to both listeners and readers alike. The author of this essay insists on this aspect.
KEYWORDS: Gala Galaction, Radio România, conferences, religious education, evocations