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Epektasis in the Work of Traian Dorz, the Poet of The Lord’s Army

VASILICĂ NICA, Epektasis in the Work of Traian Dorz, the Poet of The Lord’s Army
Traian Dorz, the poet of The Lord’s Army, a Christian organization in the Romanian Orthodox
Church, employed the gift for poetry God gave him to the mission of the Church. In his poetry, enriched
by the spirit of the gospels, the themes are extremely varied, while his written work stretches
on thousands of pages. The author deals with the notion of epektasis in the Holy Scripture and in
the patristic spirituality, an idea also presented by Traian Dorz, under multiple and varied aspects.
The beginning of the spiritual life lies in the spiritual birth. For Traian Dorz, epektasis and the
experience of the glory are not poetic reveries; instead, they show themselves to the man in their
entire splendor if he purifi es his soul. In the second phase of epektasis, the work of the Holy Spirit
becomes visible; this is the phase of enlightenment. During the creative ascension, the soul feasts
from the sweetness, the beauty, and the joy of heavens, but no spiritual accomplishment is the last
one, as the soul longs for a more signifi cant one.
KEYWORDS: Traian Dorz, The Lord’s Army, epektasis, poetry, spiritual birth, endeavor