TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Father Andrei Scrima's spiritual personality. Interview with Teodor Baconsky by Tudor Petcu
The present interview with diplomat and intellectual Teodor Baconsky highlights the personality of Father Andrei Scrima, one of the greatest theologians of the Orthodox Romanian space. Scrima's books appeared under the care of Anca Manolescu or Vlad Alexandrescu at Humanitas Publishing. André Scrima was, from all possible angles, an unusual or even exceptional presence. Nor uneducated hermit neither intellectually "hesitant" regarding the mystical. Nor a monk impregnated with liturgy and hours, neither a bookworm trapped by sterile erudition. He certainly had a curiosity without denominational or disciplinary boundaries, a sort of Gnostic bulimia, an appetite for knowledge that was never satisfied.