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Publicistic fragments of Nicolae Colan

ALEXANDRU SURDU, Publicistic fragments of Nicolae Colan
Nicolae Colan was a hierarch and a writer of great quality and. in addition to religious writings. he
had numerous publicistic writings.
For 31 years, Nicolae Colan, fi rst bishop and then Metropolite, sent letters for transmitting the
teachings of the Gospel. His pastoral letters express profound ideas in a language that makes them
accessible to all. In composing them, the great hierarch uses the Scripture as his primary source.
Filled with facts and thoughts of great signifi cance, they managed to move and infuse good thoughts
to the faithful. Due to the lyricism of the texts, given by style and vocabulary, which is particularly
rich and varied, the message easily impress and reach the souls of believers. In all his pastoral
letters, besides a clear and natural style, Colan reveals a special symbolism, which highlights the
authors sensitivity.
KEYWORDS: Nicolae Colan, publicistic, pastoral letters, Vienna Dictate, Andrei ┼×aguna, Ion