TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Bishop Nicolae Ivan and the Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood

MIRCEA GELU BUTA, Bishop Nicolae Ivan and the Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood
On the evening of St. Nicholas in 1932, a total of fi fteen scholars of the Orthodox Church were invited
to the diocesan residence in Cluj, where Bishop Nicolae Ivan shared with them the great plan of organizing
a vast association of Orthodox intellectuals. The idea was enthusiastically approved, being established,
in full agreement, the lines for the preparatory action that would lead to the establishment of
the association. The association was named “The Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood”. It was meant as
a source of spiritual renewal for the Romanian intellectuals and, through it, the source of strengthening
Romanian Orthodoxy as foundation of moral revival of the unifi ed national state.
KEYWODS: Bishop Nicolae Ivan, Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood, Romanian intellectuals, moral
revival, Sextil Puşcariu, Ioan Lupaş