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Journalism as civic attitudine

Camelia Suruianu, Journalism as civic attitudine
Paul Sterian is part of the inter- and post-war intellectuals advocating for raising Romania to the standards of Western countries. As a result, he not only helped to the economic growth of the country (remember that, in The Time of the Burning Bush, André Scrima includes him among our biggest technocrats) but also to developing the sense of observation of the young generation. As proof there are his large articles published in the journals Curentul, Floarea de foc and Credinţa, between 1928 and 1940.
 On this occasion, we propose the reading of two articles that, given the period when the author wrote them, deserve to be remembered. Namely, Léon Bloy’s biographical - a name little known today that can be taken as an example by many of us - and Humor of the Saints, a text that highlights again his thorough knowledge of the Patericon teachings.

Kewords: interwar, literature, journalism, saints, monks, altruism.