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Feminine speech and identity: Alice Voinescu JOURNAL

Anca Ursa, Feminine speech and identity: Alice Voinescu JOURNAL
Published in 1997, 40 years after the author’s death, Alice Voinescu’s Journal is part of the personal documents series, impossibly to be published before 1989. Covering 32 years, these notes have multiple value: it is a highly important document due to the historical information included, a mirror of rare intelligence and acute awareness responsive to the world in which she lived, witness of the evolution of personalities such as Gide or Enescu, whose friend she was. Beyond its merits, there is another reason that made us dwell on this journal: next to the personal pages of Jeni Acterian, Martha Bibescu, Florence Albu, Ioana Em. Petrescu, those of Alice Voinescu are representative of feminine diarist writing in our culture, of the way she defines the specific parameters within proximate genus.

Keywords: Alice Voinescu, journal, femininity, friendship