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Rich memorialistic harvest

Dan Ciachir, Rich memorialistic harvest
The quarter-century since the collapse of the red dictatorship has not produced grand memoires or journals, but it helped understanding the existing ones, some of them being outstanding literary works, such as those remaining from Argetoianu. I will give three examples (Ion Ioanid, George Jurg-Negrileşti and Pericle Martinescu), saying that Steinhardt’s Journal of Happiness is a complex and very special work that surpasses all of them. Of the four authors, Argetoianu and Ion Ioanid wrote - one in the country, one in exile - in conditions of complete freedom. The other two, George Jurg-Negrileşti and Pericle Martinescu wrote in times of dictatorship, bith in a more relaxed period, as well as during the Terror. However, a different political climate never affected the quality of the books.

Keywords: journals, Constantin Argetoianu, Ion Ioanid, George Jurg-Negrileşti, Pericle Martinescu