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Return of religion class in school

Mircea Gelu Buta, Return of religion class in school
At the end of 2014 and the first months of 2015, teaching religion in romanian schools has been a subject of long and intense debates in newspapers, radio and TV shows. This article proposes a brief reminder on the steps and the process of reintroducing religion classes in public education of Romania, process that begun soon after the fall of the communism, in 1989, December 22. Almost a century after 1864, when it took the place of honor in the Public Education Act, religion has always been a subject in the Romanian secondary education. It was only in 1948 – when, after the forced abdication of King Michael I, the communist order seized full power, – that religion is cast out of schools, through reform of education, and shortly, icons are also taken down from the walls of the classes.

Keywords: religion in school, the communist regime, the Reflection Group for the Church Renewal, reintroducing religion classes