TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Anthim printings in foreign collections (I-V)

Ioan St. Lazăr, Anthim printings in foreign collections (I-V)

The study shows some of the printings of Metropolitan Anthim the Iberian - made in Bucharest, in Snagov monastery and at the diocese of Râmnic - according to “Romanian Testimonies abroad. Small encyclopedia of Romanian creations and of sources about Romanians in collections from abroad” (Bucharest, Encyclopedic Publishing House, 1991 - vol. I, 1998 - vol. II), volume based on more than 40 years of disciplinary investigation conducted by a group of talented researchers led by the late Acad. Virgil Cândea.

Keywords: Anthim the Iberian, printings, Virgil Cândea, “Romanian Testimonies abroad”.