TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The priest, the doctor and the teacher, or about joint work for God and man

In Romanian traditional communities of Transylvania and not only, the presence and work of a priest, a doctor and a teacher, were the three elements that we find over time in the composition of all communities, both in urban areas and those in rural areas. Memory of the people and history consecrated all three as "apostles of villages". Over time, their presence and work were harmoniously joint. This conjugated work at the service of man was brutally shattered by the establishment of the communist regime in Romania. Priest, doctor and teacher were to meet again, shortly after, in communist prisons. After the bloody events of 1989, the church was the one who initiated actions for the reestablishment and restoration of the harmonic work of the three ministries: clerical, medical and teaching. An important role in this work was played by bishops, doctors, priests and teachers, imbued with a sense of self sacrifice for the serving and the benefit of the neighbor.
Keywords: priest, doctor, teacher, Romanian traditional communities, serving the neighbor, mission