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Moral regeneration of the individual and of the nation as seen by Metropolitan Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania

The text illustrates a part of the vision of former Archbishop and Metropolitan of Cluj on the relationship between the Church and the nation and on the need for moral renewal of the nation, aspects that can be considered true spiritual testament.
Servant of God and man of culture, Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania was deeply concerned, throughout his entire life, about the great issues of the Church, but also about those of the nation. He believed in the existence of a destiny of the Romanian people, being always preoccupied with its search and affirmation. The same belief led him to translate Romanian mythology into theater in order to emphasize the indissoluble link between Church and people, between cult and culture, between the specific characteristics of our Christianity and of our people, but also to rectify/review - for his people - the full text of the Bible. He advocated for the accurate preservation of our own values ​​ and the careful, filtered and cautious acceptance of the so-called "European values", pointing out that they come from a Europe built solely on economics and politics and lacking true culture and - all the more - religion. Metropolitan Bartolomeu spoke and wrote very often about the need for renewal, for "revigoration" of the people, achieved through moral regeneration of the person and especially of the youth.
Keywords: Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania, church, nation, moral renewal